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Installing Your Grips and Instructional Videos

Safety First! Before beginning the installation of our custom slide grip products, clear your firearm and remove the slide as per your manufacturer’s manual.

  1. Clean your gun slide thoroughly inside the serrations and the area in front of the rear sight between serrations using the supplied alcohol wipe.
  2. Carefully remove the backing of the Slide Spider gun slide grip to expose the adhesive.
  3. Align the Slide Spider handgun grip so that the bottom (see mil spec drawing included with your product packet) is close to but not touching the rear sight, making sure it is centered left to right with the sides of the slide.
  4. Gently tap onto the surface of the slide. This will allow for easier removal should the Slide Spider grip need to be realigned.
  5. Roll each individual leg of the slide grip into the serrations of the slide. Make sure the legs are properly positioned within the serrations. Repeat until all of the Slide Spider legs are positioned.
  6. Press down firmly on all areas of the Slide Spider starting at the top of the slide and working down to the ends of each leg. The grip will be fully adhered after about 30 minutes.

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