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Our business philosophy is simple. We want to manufacture and sell top quality products. We are a privately held Colorado company. Our accessibility offers dealers personal service at the highest levels. AracniGRIP’s products are precisely manufactured to fit manufacturer specific models. When demonstrated to potential buyers the sell through rate is above 60%. Our products provide additional safety and control of most semi auto handguns.
We advertise in magazines, and on the web to promote the brand name and drive customers to our dealers for retail sales. Our goal is to be the easiest company to do business with, while also being a highly profitable partner to our dealers.
Thank you for your interest in our products.

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For immediate assistance, please call us at (303) 506-7747

Our Best Value

We offer a stand up floor display that holds 126 of our most popular products. The display and products are $1,200 and includes shipping. This is our best value.

Products Included

Our package includes two grips (in case the buyer mis installs the first one), two alcohol preps to clean the slide prior to install, installation instructions and an ArachniGRIP window sticker.
Other products include: The Gunfighter (MSRP $29.95, Dealer $20.97, Dist $14.98), RDOS grips for pistols with red dot sights (Same pricing as standard grips), and Slide Art Grip Panels (MSRP $4.95) any quantity $3.00.

Minimum Order

Minimum dealer orders are 48 units. we have over 250 SKU’s, so a recommended 48 count order usually contains full size and compact Glock, M&P shield, SIG P365, 938, 238 and 226. However you can order any mix of products you prefer.

Package Pricing

Dealer pricing at this level is $13.97 per package (MSRP $19.95). Distributor pricing is $9.97 for orders over 100.
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Proudly made in Colorado

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